Who am I?
My name is Bitte Nohrin Jernberg and I was born in 1953. You can figure yourself, that I´m not that young anymore.

I live in Orsa, Dalarna, Sweden. After moving around to different places all over Sweden and a few years in the U.S. as well, I finally resettled right here. Orsa community in Dalarna is where the small village of Kallmora is. And that is where I once grew up.
So you see, I´ve returned back home - for good now.

Growing up..
here, I spent my childhood with gnomes in the attic and little elfes around my knees. Well, of course this is literally speaking!

When my grandmother wanted to teach the children some of Mother Natures own wisdom, she often used an unfailing and ancient method: With a lot of good humor she would tell a thrilling story.

She was a wonderful storyteller. Most of the time she also involved some kind of mystical being in her tales. It was always exciting and funny and I usually got the message. The moral hints she put in caught on and hopefully they also improved my behavior. Thanks to grandmother, I made friends with various magical beings throughout the years.

The little people, the Nack, the Lady of the woods, the fairies, the trolls, the giants, and the Tomte, are some of them. They moved into our house. They spread out in our yard, and they inhabited the forests and the wilderness surrounding our village.

...and now?

Nowadays, writing my books and my own stories is my most rewarding interest and my occupation. It seems like I've always been writing. Short stories, fairy tales, poems and songs or plain letters to all my understanding friends.

In my writning, I focus on the mythological fauna of our country, especially creatures of the great forrests of Orsa. Here, in the southernmost wilderness of Sweden, I always find inspiration for new fantastical stories.
My latest books are fantasy genre and it is all about dragons. My first trilogi of Archies World will be finished in 2015.

Since I've moved back home to Orsa, I also find myself more and more involved in cultural issues, as well as in local politics. It takes increasingly more of my time now since Ive established as a local politician in Orsa. I am also a working boardmember in many local cultural organizations, including webmaster for several local associations websites.I

What about the books?
Naturally, all of the above gives me reason enogh to write my books. Living in Orsa makes it possible for me to combine my interests and create something for the benefit of others.

Of course my grandmother has inspired me to tell stories. Filled as they are with all kinds of mystical beings from my inherited imagination. Also, I have tried to keep up the tradition of serving good-humored lessons from nature itself as an including moral.

My latest passion are writing about the dragons in Archies World, my first true fantasy-trilogi.

Storytelling on stage?

One of the most gratifying things is telling my stories live, in front of an audience. Children and adults of all ages seem to find this very entertaining; fairy tales or ghost stories as well as magical beings from our folklore.

Sometimes I am accompanied by a musician, sometimes I just bring my flute or something else that will add to the performance.

Today I entertain as a storyteller on all kinds of stages, outdoor or indoor, for all kinds of audiences, and I love it.

The most important thing for me is simply to let everyone have fun.
Happy people and lots of laughing - thats what it´s all about.