text & musik: Bitte NJ

It´s the same old story - and it´s time to go
I just lingered on - because I want you to know
despite it all - you brought some magic to my life
and I recall, all the passion in your eyes
- now that I leave
- remember me - eternally

Now it´s come to closer - and I got to go
hold me one more time - you need to let me know
that after all – there´s still the magic that we shared
don´t ignore, all the sweet love we once had
- and when I leave
- remember me - eternally

This time it´s really over - and I should be gone
let me look at you - now when it´s all said and done
and all in all – that magic´s still a part of me
can´t you see, this is the best that life can be
- ´cause I believe
- you´ll think of me - eternally